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Graphic Design Services

Contract  Work


Depending on the amount of estimated hours per week or month, we offer discounted rates to be held on retainer or to come on board to work on multiple projects for as short as just 1 month durations. We are open to work in whatever way suits your needs; whether it is remote, on-site, invoiced, or as a W2'd employee. Let's find the best way to work together!


Businesses in the "Trade" qualify for discounted rates for production as well as services! We have extensive experience in the Signage industry, Graphic Design, and Marketing. Discounted rates given based on all information being presented/ communicated, as well as all assets provided up front. *TRADE BUSINESSES THAT QUALIFY: Signage Companies, Advertising/ Marketing Agencies, Design/ Print Shops, etc...

Have an employee taking leave and don't want to fall behind? We're here for it!

Need to disperse a heavy workload? We've got your back!

Having trouble finding the right candidate? We can help temporarily, or in a more permanent fashion!

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