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Please review all artwork carefully. Double check all information/spelling/artwork is correct.

Once approval to go to print or finalizing files is given by the client, any mistakes that require alterations or revisions needed afterward with any cost associated are the responsibility of the client. Reprint costs can be given at a discount. 

*Approval to go to production must be submitted in written communication, verbal approval will not be valid.

**Once approval to go to production is given, there is unfortunately no stopping the production process.



SERVICES: Payment for services are due BEFORE any work begins. Deposits of 50% are available for services totaling over $500. 

*If deposit is made, final files will not be released until final payment is made. If final payment is never made, Hard Row Design & Marketing still holds ownership over the  intellectual property & files. If said files are used in any shape or form without final payment, client will be subject to additional royalty charges and court proceedings to collect final payment. 


GOODS: Payment for goods/products are due before production can begin. 

Deposits of 70% are available as a split payment option for orders over $1,000 that are NOT being directly shipped to the client. Remainder of the balance is due upon delivery of the product. 


If a large scale project requires terms for payments, a legal contract can be drafted and signed to define the terms. 


*In our trade, most orders are custom made which is why there is no flexibility on our payment terms. Custom printed/produced materials are not able to be returned, or reused. 



If final products are being shipped, we use the client-provided address. Lead times for shipping are an estimate, never a guarantee per the shipping companies. As these are third-party vendors, we unfortunately  have no control over delivery times.



We are committed to meeting your project deadlines. Be sure to give a clear expected timeline of the project upon inquiring. 20% Rush fees for 2 business day (or less) deadlines will be applied on services, if tangible goods are included in a rush project, we will communicate your options and any of our concerns. 

Projects contingent on CLIENT-PROVIDED CONTENT / MATERIALS (verbiage, photos, other graphics to incorporate, etx..) may set back the project completion date if not supplied to Hard Row Design & Marketing in a timely manner, or date agreed upon. 



Our top priority is to make sure we supply our clients with what they want and need. We will effectively communicate all options available, with timelines, and fair pricing. If there is ever a quality issue on the final product of a project, we urge our clients to reach out and communicate that to us so we can make it right. There are many variables in printing, and specialty finishes, if there is ever a question of quality, Hard Row Design & Marketing is committed to correcting and communicating the issue. 





Specialty print finishes such as Metallic Foil, Spot UV, Raised Spot UV, Embossing, Raised Foil, etc.. have a print industry standard variable tolerance of 1/16th of an inch shift. This means 1/16th of an inch shift in elements printed with a multi-step process like the aforementioned specialty print options is standard and accepted. There is unfortunately no guarantee on perfectly matched/printed elements… but rest assured, any variable in printing is barely noticeable. If the rare occasion it is more than 1/16th of an inch off, please contact us immediately to remedy the situation. 



Canceled/ Bounced payments are subject to $150 inconvenience fee paid by the client. 



In the event that a project needs to be terminated after a deposit is made, if no work has begun, up to 70% of the deposit can be returned. If work has begun, deposit is forfeited and working files will be turned over to the client. 

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